Drone Aerial Building Survey Ireland Dougie Farrelly Silverscreen Photo

Silverscreen Aerial

Due to their size and the innovations in technological, drones can now capture stunning 4K resolution, fly for longer periods and fly into areas where it was not possible to fly before. By offering our drone services we are offering our clients unique and exciting angles, perspectives and opportunities.

Drones have more than just one application, they are used in many other industries such as construction, corporate, emergency, 3D mapping etc.

Companies seeking fun and interesting ways to capture their audience’s attention are also incorporating drones into their marketing strategies.

Dougie and his team have completed extensive European Union Aviation Safety Agency(EASA) Certified training in the special operation of RPAS technology and are fully registered and insured as required by law. Each of our RPAS pilots hold an EU Specific Category Qualification which allows us to fly drones within Europe.

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